Unicorn Bottles

Our cocktails reflect our whims, the season and the classics.

At Gilded Unicorn we focus on flavor number one. It’s the most important thing when creating any of our recipes. To create the craft cocktail recipes we take classics and try to use simple concepts to reinvigorate them. Sometimes that combining like minded flavors, nostalgic things or flavors that fit the season. Occasionally we combine them all. Hope you enjoy our bar as much as we do!


Nutty Kentucky Bourbon, Nocino, Maple, Chocolate Bitters Cinnamon $10

El Jefé de Pomelo Tequila, Mezcal, Grapefruit, Pamplemousse, Peychaud’s Bitters $10

The Traitor Bourbon, Benedictine, Orange Bitters, Cherry Juice, Flamed Orange $9

Son of a Sun Vodka, Sauvignon Blanc, St. Germain, Grapefruit, Orange Bitters $9

Schnozberry Vodka, Berry Puree, Rose Lemonade, Sauvignon Blanc $10

Midnight Mass Bourbon, Strawberry, Rosemary, Mint, Chartreuse $12

Pink Elephant Gin, Maraschino, Blackberry, Grapefruit, Lime $10

Wild Buffalo Bourbon, Apple, Lemon, Ginger Beer $9

O… Julius Curacao, Rum, Lemon, Vanilla Bean, Cream, Orange Bitters, Nutmeg $9

Fruit Cocktail Aged Rum, Coconut Rum, Pineapple, Maraschino, Bubbles $9

Renewed Vintage.

Barrel Aged Manhattan Rye, Vermouth, Bitters, Cherry $10

Barrel Aged Old Fashioned Bourbon, Orange, Cherry, Bruleé $10

French 75 Gin, Lemon, Bubbles $9

Val Collins Botanical Gin, Citrus, Soda $9

Bees Knees Gin, Lemon, Honey, Orange Bitters, Cherry $10

Aviation Barrel Aged Gin, Crème de Violette, Maraschino, Lime, Pepper $10

Hot Toddy Bourbon, Cardamaro, Maple, Lemon, Cinnamon $9

Dark n’ Stormy Gosling’s Dark Rum, Lime, Ginger Beer $9

Tiki Drink Dejour fun mix of the day $8

Non-Alcoholic Cocktails.

Unicorn Lemonade Cinnamon, Berry, Cherry, Vanilla, or Regular $6

Creamcicle Cream, Vanilla, Lemon, Orange Soda $6

Shirley Collins Cherry Soda, Sour, Sprite $6

Tokyo Sakurambou Ginger Beer, Cherry Soda, Orange Bitters $6


Bottled Beer and Cider $4-6

Michelob Ultra, Avery White Rascal,

Schilling Cider, Firestone Union Jack,

Kostritzer, HUB/Patagonia Long Root

Draft $6

Five Rotating Beers and One Cider

Wines by the….                Glass     Bottle


Sparkling Kenwood, California                                   $6           $36

Sparkling Rosé Lunetta, Spain                                     $9           187ml

Chardonnay N.W.A., Yakima                                       $7           $26

Riesling Lone Birch, Yakima                                          $7           $26

Pinot Grigio Vandori, Italy                                            $7           $26

Sauvingon Blanc Mahua, NZ                                        $9           $32


Merlot Airfield Estates, Yakima                                  $8           $30

Malbec Trapiche, Mendoza                                         $8           $30

Cab-Sauv Drumheller, Columbia Valley                   $8           $30

Pinot Noir Pike Road, Willamette                              $10         $38

Red Blend Kamiak Red, Columbia Valley                 $8           $30 



St. Pauli Girl N/A Beer $4

Cock&Bull Ginger Beer $3

Virgil’s Orange/Black Cherry $3

Fentimans Rose Lemonade $4

Sodas and Iced Tea $3